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Away Forward "Always" Video Video

“Always” (official video)

“Always” from Catching the Sun (2020)

Created by Andrew McAllister with Away Forward. Shot in 4k and 1080p on Fujifilm XT-3.

Away Forward at 660 Richmond Video

“Anxious Dreams” – Live

“Anxious Dreams” from self-titled debut, live January 2018

A live, off-the-floor recording of “Anxious Dreams” from our self-titled debut release Away Forward. Recorded by Andrew and Greg at the Rehearsal Factory, January 2018.

Away Forward Album Cover Music

Away Forward (self-titled)

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  1. Repeat Cycle
  2. Anxious Dreams
  3. Junk Science
  4. Careless Hipsters
  5. Shape Shifter
  6. Sitcom Rivalry
  7. Dead Heat
  8. Simple Pleasures

Away Forward (self-titled) was recorded in an old theatre in Toronto. Engineered by guitarist Andrew McAllister
Mixed/produced by bassist Greg Chambers.